FTBOA Board Approves Highest Possible Awards

During its regularly scheduled August meeting, the Board of Directors of the Florida Thoroughbred Breeders’ and Owners’ Association approved a recommendation from management to offer the highest-possible percentages authorized under Florida law to Breeders and Stallion Awards for 2018-20% of the announced gross purse for both Breeders and Stallion Awards, with awards for breeders to be distributed across first, second and third place. The move would continue levels established for 2017, at the time the highest in the history of the Association and Florida Thoroughbred industry.

” I would like to commend our present as well as previous Board for their approval and supporting of FTBOA’s mission to offer the most substantial awardings possible ,” said FTBOA CEO Lonny Powell.” This makes at least three years in a row when FTBOA has offered the highest breeders awardings in the history of Florida Thoroughbred racing and the second year in a row for the highest stallion awards possible. None of this could happen without visionary Board leadership and engaged personnel, combined with an amazing membership of very dedicated Florida breeders and owners .”

Powell continued,” When I first came to the FTBOA some five plus years ago, I was asked what my top priorities would be. Two of those priorities were getting breeders awardings built up to the maximum possible offerings while also bringing back stallion awardings and eventually getting them to their maximum as well. I found considerable support from our Board members and Chairperson over those years to make this happen, even though there were so many confusing and challenging developments in the industry, political, and legal environments during that time. I am thrilled for our hard working and deserving FTBOA members that we have been able to economically support their breed activity via our awards program for yet another year and attain some serious money available to them in a very competitive business .”

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