Applications Being Accepted for Greene Scholarship

The winning applicant will be chosen by members of the Horsemen’s Track and Equipment, Inc. personnel as best exemplifying the professionalism and personal integrity that company founder Steve Greene was known for.

” For more than 30 years, racetrack and training centre directors tried Steve’s assistance on build or maintaining tracks around the globe ,” told Greene’s business partner and Horsemen’s Track and Equipment, Inc. President Randy Bloch.” Steve built a strong bond with whomever he fulfilled. He so admired the incredible work ethic of so many who worked in our industry, often being multi-generation horsemen. He also had a knack for trying to help folks better themselves and strive for maximizing their individual potential. Offering a college scholarship in his honor is a small style the company can continue his legacy in our industry .”

scholarship application to Horsemen’s Track and Equipment by Aug. 31, 2017.

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